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Lachlan McHugh has dominated the SRV Freight Services Challenge with a brilliant win ahead of Luke Oldfield and Cody Maroske.

A brilliantly prepared race track made for an outstanding night of action with lots of passing and numerous lap records broken. Earlier in the night McHugh lowered his one lap record to 10.404 seconds.

Quick Results

1. Lachlan McHugh
2. Luke Oldfield
3. Cody Maroske

Production Sedans (Fox Shocks Series)
1. Joel Berkley
2. Adrian Stott
3. Chris Evans

Street Stocks �Immortal Rollcages Series�
1. Luke Wilkinson
2. Robert Trapp
3. David Barbeler

Formula 500s
1. Liam Williams
2. Brady Argles
3. Kristin Brown

1. Klinton Hancey
2. Sam Gollschewsky
3. Scott Lehledht

Junior Sedans Top Stars (SSA Series)
1. JJ Hamilton
2. Kaine Richters
3. Brodie Hollyman

Junior Sedans New Stars (SSA Series)
1. Brodie Shepherd
2. Bailey Payne
3. Cooper Flynn

RSA Sedans
1. Daniel Taylor
2. Dave Sansby
3. Michael Taylor

Photo: 44 Photography

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